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A unique four-axis design makes the Sparko Scara robot extremely compact and incredibly fast. Its outstanding precision means it can reach 100% of the positions in its action field, offering you everything you need for efficient production.

The tool axis is positioned centrally over the production area, allowing the Sparko Scara to reach with ‘short cut’ movements, every point of the cylindrical work area directly, whilst requiring very little space.

In conventional SCARA robots, the work area design is kidney shaped, known as ‘dead space’ and an outward robot arm orientation means that travel paths are longer. The Sparko Scara does not have any dead space, resulting in more efficient and productive travel paths.

The independent mounting base, common in most SCARA robots, is no longer an obstacle with Sparko Scara robots, eliminating the ‘dead zone’. The second horizontal base axis has an inward orientation, enabling the zero position to be traversed to give maximum agility in confined environments.

Internal wiring

Increases the working range of the two horizontal base axes to 450°, allowing the working ranges to be overlapped. At the same time a position can be approached in up to four arm-orientations.

Cylindrical shape working range

Both horizontal base axes have the same arm length so they can reach the zero point of the tool axis, allow a perfect cylindrically working range.

Benefits at a glance
Short cycle times
Overlapping working ranges, no dead zones
Compact, ideal for confined workspaces
Outstanding joining properties
High insertion forces :
Excellent repeatability
Intuitive direct teaching
Reduced maintenance effort; durability
High operational reliability
Increased productivity with less space required
Overhead mounting