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A 6-axis robot can be employed in various capacities in the powder coating application process. Typical applications involve using a robot in-place of a manual operator for performing pre-touch-up operations. An example may be for large cabinet enclosures where the hard to coat interior surfaces are pre-coated with the robot, while easier to coat surfaces; such as wall and side panels, are coated with conventional automated application equipment. Robots can also be effectively employed as stand-alone units for high volume component production systems.

Sparko 6-axis Robotic Powder Coating Application Characteristics:

  • Programmable for up to 999 individual component recipes.
  • Teaching pendent control for programming replication.
  • 6-axis design.
  • Can be utilized for moving or stationary production conveyors.
  • Fully automatic coating of high volume component production, or for replacement of operating personnel in touch-up applications.