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Delta robots use three sets of parallel arms and rotary or linear actuators. Applying force to the actuators cause the end effector to travel in an x, y and z axis with no rotation. Originally developed as a pick-and-place device for lightweight loads, additional uses include 3D printing, surgery and assembly operations. The delta robot uses lightweight arms with little inertia and can be amazingly fast. Unlike arm-style machines, a delta robot can move in 360° circles within its work envelope.

Some applications of delta robots are:

  • Packing industry
  • High-precision assembly operations
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical operations
  • Food processing
  • Cosmetics
  • Soldering
  • Adhesive dispensing
Applications : Assembly, Part Transfer, Pick-Place
Payload : 3 kg
Horizontal : 800 mm / 1300 mm
Vertical : 300 mm / 600 mm